Amado Melo is born in the city of Bani, Dominican Republic in the year of 1964. He carried out his drawing studies at the Fine Arts School in Bani, Dominican Republic. and his architecture studies at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), and was discipled at the workshop of the acclaimed Dominican artist and master, Micky Vicioso.

Architect, drawer,  sculptor, painter and vitralist, Amado Melo is a multidisciplined artist. He has participated in important international  expositions in galleries, museums, both individually and collectively, as well as in different biennales, international art fairs, etc.

It stands to mention Amado Melo’s  participation  in the world renowned public art project the UNITED BUDDY BEARS, original to the city of Berlin, Germany. The UNITED BUDDY BEARS travel a trajectory of the most important cities worldwide and have visited five continents, Berlin, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Sydney, Saint Petesburg, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Cairo, to name a few. These are some of the twenty eight cities. More than thirty million people have attended expositions where Amado Melo represents Dominican Republic, along with artists from more than fourteen countries,  all members of the United Nations.  (go to www.